BOLDFISH - Digital Wellness Company Fighting Digital Addiction

Creating meaningful experiences in the digital age.


BOLDFISH helps you find balance between your digital & analog life.


Take back control from social media.

Block the Big Four: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.
Block social media apps.
Add custom websites to be blocked when deleting the app just doesn’t cut it. Big Four websites blocked by default.
Block custom websites.
Must wait 9 seconds when turning off a block to short-circuit instant gratification. Use actively, not passively.
Designed to increase awareness.


Use and consume with purpose.

Create block lists with any downloaded apps on your device.
Fully customizable block lists.
Once setup is complete, easily start a block for any occasion.
Create tailored profiles.
Each profile is created with a purpose, and an intention must be journaled when turning off a block.
Designed to increase mindful usage.