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BOLDFISH Plus is our newest app.

It encompasses a wider scope, but has the same sharp focus.

After some great user feedback, we have learned that digital wellness is best conveyed by meeting people where they are. What we mean by that is, everyone has his or her own personal needs, which is why BOLDFISH is here with our own bespoke solution — for free.

We started with social media detoxing (through our original product) and have only continued from there. BOLDFISH Plus blocks not just social media, but all of your downloaded distractions.

In order to nurture digital wellness, we ask that you name your block and fill out its purpose. This comes back into play when you go to turn off your block as we’ve implemented a failsafe to confirm your intentionality. Like how BOLDFISH had a time delay, BOLDFISH Plus is also designed to increase mindful phone use. We differentiate from other digital wellness products by teaching self-accountability through journaling. When setting up your block, you are asked to write your intention behind it. When turning off the block you are asked to journal why you are breaking your purpose. Harsh, we know. But, this guilt trip can be a one-way ticket to consistent productivity. It works. 

BOLDFISH Plus is shown on two phones -- one for the logs page and one for the why'd you break your purpose page.

We’ve started with the above, but that’s only the beginning. We will continue adding features onto BOLDFISH Plus to make it a turnkey service for all of your mindful and digital wellness needs.

The goal that we strive for is to block apps with purpose. We want to lighten the load of hyper connectivity. That’s why we’ve expanded our offerings in this new app. To us, that sounds like a Plus.

Let’s take back control together.


NOTE: “BOLDFISH” will still operate and function as it should. “BOLDFISH Plus” is in no way a replacement of our original product, but an extension of it. There are different use cases for the two, so by releasing both products we can introduce digital wellness to a larger audience. 

Use BOLDFISH Plus today!

Please find a juxtaposition of BOLDFISH x BOLDFISH Plus below:

A Venn Diagram of BOLDFISH llc's two apps: BOLDFISH and BOLDFISH Plus

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