Why am I required to allow BOLDFISH to set up a VPN configuration?

BOLDFISH uses a virtual private network (VPN) to block specific apps on your phone. You are unable to use our app properly if you do not allow for our configuration to be set up on your phone. We ensure your … Read More

What are my options if I want to use BOLDFISH, but the apps I want to block are not available?

We are working on expanding our product to include more apps but need help from our users to decide which apps to include. Feel free to shoot us an email at support@goboldfish.com and let us know which apps you would … Read More

I tried to turn BOLDFISH off but I am still blocked — what do I do?

When you are ready to turn BOLDFISH off, all you have to do is tap the fish on the homepage. Once you tap them, a countdown should appear. The countdown must get to zero before the block is lifted. If … Read More

I can still see a lot of content — is the block not working?

Many apps, especially ones with feeds, will cache as much content as possible to ensure the user experience is as seamless and as quick as possible. While you may be able to view some of the content due to caching, … Read More

Will Facebook Messenger be blocked along with Facebook?

Although Messenger is its own standalone app, it is owned by Facebook. There are certain integrations between Facebook and Facebook Messenger, thus your primary messaging functionality accessed through Messenger may be impacted when BOLDFISH is turned on. Our search to … Read More

How does BOLDFISH impact battery life and data usage?

BOLDFISH’s core technology is optimized to ensure it will not have a noticeable impact on battery life and data usage. As a reminder, BOLDFISH will connect to the Internet via your network’s data provider or WiFi.