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The Rainbow Inside Us – Episode 3


Welcome friends to Episode 3 of The Rainbow Inside Us!

Orange: Getting Unstuck

This guided meditation will find us journeying to the orange energy center of our rainbow. Here we find our power for creativity, and we learn what we can do when we feel stuck or unsure. Come to sit and feel the power of the orange inside of you.

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The rainbow inside of me honors that special rainbow inside of you. 

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Rachel Potts has been a teacher of young children for over 20 years, specializing in early childhood development, special education, and foundational literacy.  Her own interest in living mindfully lead her to a deep practice of yoga and meditation, which she has lovingly shared with her own two children and students over the years, helping them to cultivate a sense of peace and kindness.  Rachel lives in Jersey City with her kids, Alex and Julia, her dog Luna, and her cat Sparky. She finds time for small moments of mindfulness every day.