Mind Stephanie Netter The Fundamentals

The Fundamentals – Session 6


Join us for Session 6 of the Fundamentals.

In session 6, we explore awarenessThoughts, feelings, and emotions arise in our body and mind. When we focus on them we sometimes find ourselves worrying, stressing, and reacting. Instead, we really just recognize our feelings and become aware that they are not everlasting. These aspects of ourselves do not define us or who we are. They come and go, changing like all things. As you sit and meditate, your thoughts will come and go. Even if you sit for two minutes you can slow down enough to calm your mind and body to be present. This helps us be more mindful. The more we practice sitting and being with these parts of ourselves, the more we notice a change in how we can relate to others. It takes time, but anything worthwhile takes some practice.

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Stephanie is a happy Mother to two amazing girls. She has been an enthusiastic learner about Eastern Philosophy and Religions for over 30 years. Her training is in Physical Therapy with a passion for high-level functioning in our environment. Among her fondest childhood memories, playing outside in nature and exploring standout most. She was fortunate to have been an early traveler with her family since her Dad was a pilot, which has made her always curious about meeting different people and their cultures.  She is always striving to be mindful in any way and loves starting her day with Buddhist practice, meditation, yoga, and functional training.