Mind Stephanie Netter The Fundamentals

The Fundamentals – Session 5


Join us for Session 5 of the Fundamentals.

In session 5, we explore listening. Listening is so underrated especially now with constant digital distractions and an influx of information in our ever-connected world. Our curious minds are being stimulated from the moment we wake up till we choose to put our cyber world away (for the day). Listening is important because we need to listen to practical things like our bodies and the environment. Listening gets lost in our busy lives and it often gets put last because we don’t even take time to give others our attention. In session 5, we focus on listening to ourselves so we can hear what’s going on in our mind and body. With this fundamental skill, we can figure out the goals to build lasting ways to listen to others and our world. This once again builds our BOLDFISH mind.

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Stephanie is a happy Mother to two amazing girls. She has been an enthusiastic learner about Eastern Philosophy and Religions for over 30 years. Her training is in Physical Therapy with a passion for high-level functioning in our environment. Among her fondest childhood memories, playing outside in nature and exploring standout most. She was fortunate to have been an early traveler with her family since her Dad was a pilot, which has made her always curious about meeting different people and their cultures.  She is always striving to be mindful in any way and loves starting her day with Buddhist practice, meditation, yoga, and functional training.