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Tech/Life Balance – Forgiveness


This guided meditation set covers forgiveness as the conscious letting-go of resentment towards others even towards ourselves so we can choose how we want to be in the world & not feel bound by any feelings of negativity. Anger can be as big as a rocket ship blasting off into space. Anger can feel hot like the fire at the end of a rocket that gives it propulsion, the means to move forward. The strange thing is, when we are angry, we can feel stuck in that anger & not feel like we can move past it at all. But we can.

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Sandra has been teaching yoga for over 20 years. She has over 1000+ hours of training, teaches internationally, has mentored 100+ teachers, and leads her own brand of Aerial Mukti Yoga teacher training.Β Becoming a Mom has propelled her to share personal wellness solutions in easy to understand methods.


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