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Phone Addiction

Young beautiful adult caucasian woman sits and looks at her cell phone in front of her computer.

Is Mobile Phone Obsession The New Smoking?

Just like smoking, getting rid of an obsession in mobile phones can be difficult because it gives us pleasure, it can help us relax, and it’s very addictive. But even though it can be difficult, digital wellness will feel very rewarding once we achieve it. … Read More

A pink-skinned hand clasps a white hued android while BOLDFISH Plus' Purpose Page runs on the phone screen.

What is BOLDFISH Plus | Block Apps with a Purpose

The functionality of BOLDFISH Plus encompasses a wider scope, but has the same sharp focus. This is our bespoke solution for your digital wellness needs. … Read More

Unplug to Recharge Your Relationship | Smartphones: The Ultimate Distraction

Nothing kills a romantic night faster than your significant other constantly checking his or her phone. No, not kidding. There is science to back it up. … Read More

Eating Out? Play Phone Roulette (a.k.a. The Phone Stack)

The first one to engage with his or her phone loses. … Read More

Let’s be Prescient: Smartphone Addiction is Not Illegitimate

We keep our friends close, but our phones closer. Many American adults sleep with their smartphones. We are constantly connected. It feels as though we are required to be reachable. Teens report that they’re constantly online and the majority of millennials spend almost their entire day plugged in. … Read More

Our Take on the Android P | What’s Next?

On Tuesday (May 8th), Google announced new features for its operating system that promote digital wellness. The features are designed to help consumers with different needs combat phone addiction by helping them unplug. … Read More