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Phone Addiction

Our Take on the Android P | What’s Next?

On Tuesday (May 8th), Google announced new features for its operating system that promote digital wellness. The features are designed to help consumers with different needs combat phone addiction by helping them unplug. … Read More

Looking to Use Your Phone Less? Check Out These 4 Tips

Phones have made our lives more convenient & enjoyable. But, we’ve entered an age where are unable to put down our phones. See our suggestions on how to help you use your phone less. … Read More

Screen education non-profit focused on screen addiction and digital addiction, Q&A with Michael Mercier, BOLDFISH mobile app to block social media

Q&A with Michael Mercier, President of Screen Education

Michael Mercier is the founder and President of Screen Education, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people mitigate the negative consequences of screen addiction. BOLDFISH got a chance to ask him a few questions around digital addiction and some solutions. … Read More

Addictive Tech rules over you attention

The Age of the Attention Economy Fueled by Social Media Addiction

Human attention is a scarce commodity. As content has grown increasingly abundant and immediately available, attention becomes the limiting factor in the consumption of information. … Read More

Everything in Moderation: Cell Phones are Bad for You

Mobile phones are a modern marvel and in many ways the ultimate convenience. However, studies have shown that the light our screens emit are damaging and have lasting consequences on our vision. What price should we pay for this luxury and how do we guard against its toxicity? … Read More

Man injects phone intravenously as if it were heroin.

Q&A with Damien Mitchell

An introduction where Damien describes himself, his phone usage and how social media affects him is followed by talk of his art. His “Anti-Social Media” mural is painted in Williamsburg, a trendy neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. … Read More