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Summer, spending time outside instead of indoors with smartphone. Stop being addicted. Put your phone down, put your phone away.

When the Livin’ is Easy: 10 Things to Do in the Summer

Check out ten ideas to kick up the summertime fun and antics. Make sure you get yourself some quality deodorant and put on some SPF. … Read More

Looking to Use Your Phone Less? Check Out These 4 Tips

Phones have made our lives more convenient & enjoyable. But, we’ve entered an age where are unable to put down our phones. See our suggestions on how to help you use your phone less. … Read More

Q&A with Kodie: The Swedish Musician Who Lives and Breathes Digital Wellness

Kodie caught BOLDFISH’s eye with his hit, Phone Down. The lyrics center around social media overload and his search for digital wellness. Kodie shares his journey to balance his digital and analog lives. … Read More

Lurking for Life | Are you a Social Media Lurker?

Lurkers are everywhere. You are most likely a lurker. In most online communities, 90% of users are lurkers who never contribute, 9% of users contribute a little, and 1% of users account for almost all of the content. … Read More

Digital Wellness for Dummies: 5 Ways to Use Your Phone Less

The first step towards digital wellness is awareness. Learn how to temper your phone usage with these five steps. … Read More

The Signs and Symptoms of Digital Addiction (and How to Kick the Habit)

Digital addiction is seeing something beautiful and quantifying it by how many “likes” it will get you. Digital addiction is refreshing your mini-feed until your thumb calluses. Digital addiction is opening up your social media app when you have no phone service. Digital addiction is the new norm. … Read More