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Dumb Phone Diaries: Part III

What does it mean to be connected? Does it describe the complex wiring of our nervous system? Is it a show of full signal bars on your device? Or is it an obligation? After completing my “dumb phone” challenge, I will opt for the third option. … Read More

Dumb phone challenge, part 2. Flip phone and no smartphone.

Dumb Phone Diaries: Part II

Shirley diaries her 7 day-to-day experience without a smartphone. She realizes it wasn’t as hard as she thought, but still had a few revelations. Next, it’s Jason’s turn… … Read More

Dumb phone challenge with flip phone

Dumb Phone Diaries: Part I

The Challenge When talking to people about our digital wellness philosophy — which has a component of “unplugging” — the idea of a “dumb phone” arises. Dumb phones (a.k.a. flip phones) remind us of simpler times when phones brought great … Read More

Our Take on the Android P | What’s Next?

On Tuesday (May 8th), Google announced new features for its operating system that promote digital wellness. The features are designed to help consumers with different needs combat phone addiction by helping them unplug. … Read More

Looking to Use Your Phone Less? Check Out These 4 Tips

Phones have made our lives more convenient & enjoyable. But, we’ve entered an age where are unable to put down our phones. See our suggestions on how to help you use your phone less. … Read More

Q&A with Kodie: The Swedish Musician Who Lives and Breathes Digital Wellness

Kodie caught BOLDFISH’s eye with his hit, Phone Down. The lyrics center around social media overload and his search for digital wellness. Kodie shares his journey to balance his digital and analog lives. … Read More