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Lovers phubbing each other

Is Cell Phone Addiction Affecting Relationships?

Could it be that we have managed to invent the electronic enemy of love? It is increasingly becoming apparent that we are feeling ‘phone snubbed’ by our partners, be it romantic or familial. … Read More

iWatch with a Heart at the Center

91 Things To Do With Your Loved Ones (Without Screens and Technology)

The current state of the internet is largely set in social media; it’s rare to see an individual without a mobile phone in hand. … Read More

Young beautiful adult caucasian woman sits and looks at her cell phone in front of her computer.

Is Mobile Phone Obsession The New Smoking?

Just like smoking, getting rid of an obsession in mobile phones can be difficult because it gives us pleasure, it can help us relax, and it’s very addictive. But even though it can be difficult, digital wellness will feel very rewarding once we achieve it. … Read More

Cutting the cord on a land line phone

Unplug to Recharge Your Relationships | 10 Ways to Disconnect, Together

Being hyper-connected to your phone was found to be correlated with reduced levels of relationship satisfaction, falling out of love, an increased tendency to be less satisfied with life overall, and higher depression rates. … Read More

Q&A with a Digital Well-being Specialist | Tips from an Expert

Nina Hersher has her Master of Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis with a specialized degree in Digital Culture and Program Development. Hersher views digital wellness as the intersection of technology and mental health. She now runs Nourishing Habits™ LLC, which teaches digital wellness for balanced living. … Read More

Fixing Bad-timed Bedtime Behavior

Challenge yourself by spending thirty minutes before bed engaged with a book, instead of mindlessly scrolling through content. … Read More