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Dumb Phone Diaries: Part IV

Everyone knows that smartphones are time-savers, but before this challenge I didn’t realize just how much time I was saving. I didn’t realize how easy I had it just a week ago. … Read More

Dumb Phone Diaries: Part III

What does it mean to be connected? Does it describe the complex wiring of our nervous system? Is it a show of full signal bars on your device? Or is it an obligation? After completing my “dumb phone” challenge, I will opt for the third option. … Read More

Dumb phone challenge, part 2. Flip phone and no smartphone.

Dumb Phone Diaries: Part II

Shirley diaries her 7 day-to-day experience without a smartphone. She realizes it wasn’t as hard as she thought, but still had a few revelations. Next, it’s Jason’s turn… … Read More

Dumb phone challenge with flip phone

Dumb Phone Diaries: Part I

The Challenge When talking to people about our digital wellness philosophy — which has a component of “unplugging” — the idea of a “dumb phone” arises. Dumb phones (a.k.a. flip phones) remind us of simpler times when phones brought great … Read More