Mind Soothing Sounds by Sophie Sophie Pumfrey

Soothing Sounds by Sophie | Compassion


This meditation supports you in feeling able to let go and forgive. It does this by first gently guiding you to a place of self-acceptance and comfort. When that is felt, this guided meditation encourages you to forgive yourself. Let go of associated feelings such as hurt, resentment, anger, and shame. Listening to this recording can help you have a greater appreciation for yourself and others. You can find it easier to forgive, accept and let go of the past and embrace life more fully in the present moment.

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Listen to Forgiveness here!

Sophie has over 10 years of experience helping people to reach their full potential working through the power of meditation. Her gentle, melodic voice effortlessly guides people to reach a place of calm, peace and surrender; her wealth of experience facilitating meditation groups locally and tailor makes sessions for individual clients across the globe.


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