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Welcome to the newest tab on BOLDFISH, BOLDFISH Mind! We don’t want to spring anything on our beloved consumers by surprise so here’s the low-down on our latest arm.


As much as we believe in tech detoxes and stepping away from our devices, we also believe in using developing technology for good. Our latest effort is through BOLDFISH Mind and it is our way of becoming an even more accessible, one-stop-shop, if you will, for digital wellness.

What You’ll find


We love podcasts because they are an interactive way to engage with information. Reading words on a screen can become redundant and it’s great to feel like you’re being spoken to as well as stimulating your other senses.

Our Speakers:

In order to better engage with our podcast’s you will find personalized bio’s for each of our speakers. Their descriptions include their back story and why we consider them to be helpful guides in living life more mindfully.

Trending and Popular On Mind:

You can explore each podcast series individually or check out which ones are trending and popular among our other BOLDFISH consumers.

Our Goal

In the word’s of the BOLDFISH founder, Jason Kingdon, our goal is to “use our anxiety-causing, distraction-riddled devices to give us power and enable us to take back control of our minds.” The internet may be the very thing that is putting us and our children at risk of a mindless existence but if we can use it to our benefit, we’re simultaneously making the internet a safer, more productive place.

Our Audience

Many of our podcasts are aimed at families, parents, and children in particular, who are dealing with screen overuse and tech addiction. Our platform allows you to listen to real life parents who are navigating the world of tech with their kids. Making sure both our children and ourselves stay mindful and present in this new age of technology is important in avoiding a lot of the issues discussed on the BOLDFISH platform.

As always the BOLDFISH ethos remains the same. We are here to help you foster a healthy tech/life balance and productive relationships with your technology rather than destructive ones. BOLDFISH Mind is just another way we aim to make the internet an easier place to navigate and a more productive outlet for children and adults alike.

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