BOLDFISH Plus requires you to grant Usage Data Access permission in order to block select apps on your phone. We only ask to access the apps listed on the block list. We will not store any information of the accessed apps.

We want to encourage users to use their phone with purpose. Thus, we ask that you write down your intention behind turning off a block. This is for you to be aware and understand why you are breaking your profile’s purpose.

From the menu bar, you are able to access a log of your reasons to look back on.

No, you are unable to edit the settings of a saved profile. We plan on implementing this feature in the future. For the time being, you will need to create a new profile if you want to make changes to the block list, profile name, and/or the profile’s purpose.

The reasons you input get saved into your personal log. The log is accessible via the menu bar.

Depending on the manufacturer of your device, stock apps or preloaded apps on a phone cannot be blocked and therefore, will not show up as an option. Those apps are typically ones you are unable to delete from your device.

Other than that, any apps you have downloaded on your device should show up on the list.

The block will still run in the background, regardless if you have BOLDFISH Plus open or not. In order to turn off a block, you will need to go through the steps within the app.

We are working on implementing a couple premium features, which includes the option to create an unlimited number of profiles. Stay tuned!

We are working on implementing a few premium features, which includes the option to add an unlimited number of apps per profile. Stay tuned!