1. Directly shoot us a note at support@goboldfish.com
  2. Send a message on our Contact Us page
  3. Through the app, select “Contact Us” at the bottom of the menu bar
  4. Join our Slack Group to chat with someone from the BOLDFISH team

BOLDFISH uses a virtual private network (VPN) to block specific apps on your phone. You are unable to use our app properly if you do not allow for our configuration to be set up on your phone. We ensure your data and phone usage is safe and secure. Feel free to read our full Privacy Policy for more information.

You can download and use BOLDFISH for free for both Android and iOS devices. You have the option to unlock premium features by purchasing tokens via in-app purchases.

To get access to premium features, you will need to purchase tokens through the BOLDFISH app via an in-app purchase. The price of tokens vary based on the package you select. There are currently two types of premium features:


  1. Customizing which platform(s) to block. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are all blocked by default. You are unable to pick and choose which platforms you would like to block unless you unlock the toggling feature. Each social media platform costs two tokens to unlock.
  2. Adding a custom URL to block. While BOLDFISH currently focuses on blocking the four main social media platforms, you also have to option to add a custom URL you visit via your mobile web browser (e.g. Safari or Chrome). It costs three tokens to add a custom URL and you will be able to toggle the block on or off.

As BOLDFISH continues to grow, we want to hear from our users what apps you would like for us to include in our future versions. What apps do you think you have an unhealthy relationship with? What apps would you like to see blocked by BOLDFISH?

Many apps, especially ones with feeds, will cache as much content as possible to ensure the user experience is as seamless and as quick as possible. While you may be able to view some of the content due to caching, you will not be able to engage with the content or open any specific details such as profiles, comments feed, or event details.

If you still think there is something broken with the block, please do shoot us a message at support@goboldfish.com

When you are ready to turn BOLDFISH off, all you have to do is tap the fish on the homepage. Once you tap them, a countdown should appear. The countdown must get to zero before the block is lifted. If you double tap your screen during the countdown, the app will abandon turning off the block since that indicates you would like to keep the block on.

If you leave the app before the countdown reaches zero, the block will remain on. Similarly, the block will still remain on even if you force close out of the app. The block having turned off is indicated by the “OFF” signal flashing at the end of the countdown.

Please check above before you shoot us a message at support@goboldfish.com

We are working on expanding our product to include more apps but need help from our users to decide which apps to include. Feel free to shoot us an email at support@goboldfish.com and let us know which apps you would like see BOLDFISH block. Or, feel free to use the “Request an App” feature on the block list page of the BOLDFISH app.

You do not need to sign up for a BOLDFISH account to use the app. If you want to purchase tokens in order to unlock premium features, that is when you will need to create an account. All we ask for during sign up is a valid email address and your desired password. Simple!

To reset your password, go to the “Login” page in the app and select “Forgot Password.” Enter the email you used to sign up and we will send you an email with instructions to reset your password.

To change your password while you’re logged in, you can do that by going to “My Account” in the app and select “Change Password.”

BOLDFISH’s core technology is optimized to ensure it will not have a noticeable impact on battery life and data usage. As a reminder, BOLDFISH will connect to the Internet via your network’s data provider or WiFi.

Although Messenger is its own standalone app, it is owned by Facebook. There are certain integrations between Facebook and Facebook Messenger, thus your primary messaging functionality accessed through Messenger may be impacted when Facebook is blocked. Our search to find solutions to separate the two continue…

You cannot login to other apps and services using Facebook because Facebook cannot verify your account/identity due to it being blocked via the BOLDFISH app.

If you are already logged on before blocking Facebook on BOLDFISH, you will not have problems accessing those apps and services while Facebook is blocked.

You cannot login to other apps and services using Twitter because Twitter cannot verify your account/identity due to it being blocked via the BOLDFISH app.

If you are already logged on before blocking Twitter on BOLDFISH, you will not have problems accessing those apps and services while Twitter is blocked.