Creating Your Own Stress-Free Morning Routines


Rise and shine and ready to go? Wait just a minute. We know how busy you are. But if you want to kick-start your day and not be run-down by noon, we recommend considering to develop a morning routine, which will boost your energy levels and build stamina.

Firstly, let‘s see what happens to your body after waking up. Apparently, cortisol is responsible for kicking you out of a sound sleep and right out of bed. The scientific term for that is the cortisol awakening response. Cortisol is also known as a stress hormone, due to its increased levels during stressful situations. Therefore, your goal in the morning should be to balance out the cortisol levels. We suggest developing a healthy morning routine to ensure your day runs smoothly, which eventually will lead to a happier life.

Routine or a ritual should not be associated with a tedious activity nor it should be a drudgery. On the contrary – customize it in a way so it is something to look forward to. Since in the morning, we are rested and positively-minded, use this time to enjoy peace and quiet before the world around starts to buzz. Managed properly these precious minutes might charge your energy levels for the rest of the day. Here are some ideas, that will help you to decide, how to create your morning routine. And some of them you can actually start the night before!

Prepare for the Day the Night Before

It can win you some extra minutes in the morning that you can spend doing something entertaining if you will pack the night before. Put all the stuff you will need in your bag, so you do not waste your morning rushing from one room to another trying desperately not to forget anything. Being organized reduces stress, saves time and makes one look responsible as well as professional at work.

It is also a good idea to check a weather forecast and select an appropriate outfit for the day. Because nothing consumes more time than trying to find a pair of socks with zebra print, that should have been in this drawer, I swear, but it is not here when I most need it! Not leaving things like that for the last minute can be a lifesaver.

Write a To-Do List

List a few things you want to achieve during the day. It will give you a structure, which will make life less chaotic. Sleeping on the ideas also helps, so in the morning your rested brains might even suggest an important solution, making your goals more achievable. Finally, a list will keep you in line and even stressful circumstances will not derail you from your goals.

Turn Off the Devices an Hour Before Bed

Tablets and smartphones are said to be especially stimulating to us. Using them before sleep delays the production of melatonin – the sleep hormone – which eventually can lead to a sleep deficiency. That would mean that we never fully rest, resulting in bad brain function, depression, and low immune system. Try reading, listening to comforting music or podcasts – these activities often help people to fall asleep quicker.

When you wake up, try not to check the phone either. Remember the cortisol? You do not want to increase its levels even more by reading some bad news first thing in the morning. Leave that for later. Take a few sips of water instead – it will feel refreshing.

Prepare Breakfast in the Evening

Specialists do not suggest skipping breakfast. But if you are not a fan of preparing it in the morning, get ready the night before. For instance, leave the oats in a bowl of water overnight, so in the morning you can just microwave them. Add a dash of turmeric for a fun yellow color, a hint of cayenne pepper for a hot kick, some of your favorite jam and there you go – a healthy nutritious breakfast in a minute!

Here are some more ideas: egg loversveganhealthy.

Get Up Earlier

If you happen to share a bathroom with a partner or a roommate, consider getting up a few minutes earlier, so you won‘t be rushed and it won‘t mess up your to-do list. It is a good idea to move slowly and roll out of bed gently, taking your time. Which takes us to the next step.


Whether doing it professionally with an instructor or just lying in your bed in quiet will ease your mind. Open a window, take a deep breath – it will help the brain to function better. Meditation is good for creativity, better concentration and awareness. Practitioners point out, that it makes them happier too. You can start by reading this thorough guide here. Also find some helpful tips here.

Make Your Bed

Being tidy builds up a character! It makes one disciplined and strong-willed. Also, messiness creates a lot of visual noise, which is not good for a stress-free environment. The findings suggest the bed-makers are more successful than those who do not bother.


A morning workout must be among the most celebrated morning routines. Whatever you are doing – running, jogging, yoga or simply walking to work – it will make your body produce endorphins – the hormones that are associated with happiness. The movement also has positive results on confidence, reduces stress, improves metabolism, relieves pain, anxiety, and depression. Even a simple stroll in the outdoors at a slow pace will positively affect your mental as well as physical health. Overall exercising helps to prevent many health concerns and keeps your wellbeing intact – so no excuses! You can find out more here.

Tea can give you a less jittery start to the morning

Consider Replacing Coffee

Caffeine affects people differently. If you get lots of rest, exercise and eat healthily, but still feel tired, think of dropping coffee from the menu at least for a while. Some coffee drinkers are sensitive to caffeine, which can have an adversary effect – after its stimulating effect wanes, so do the rest of the energy levels. Body is being exhausted by the constant energy spikes and lows. Some advocate that ditching coffee has allowed them to get up earlier and even got rid of the headaches. Try replacing coffee with tea or a warm glass of water with lemon. The latter is especially praised by some evidence, suggesting it promotes hydration, provides vitamin C, aids digestion and even improves skin! You can also add some ginger to boost your immune system.

Indulge Yourself

Leave a few minutes to do what you really like and pamper yourself. For instance, watch a video by your favorite youtube-r. Read. Play with your child. Maybe pick a movie, that you are going to watch in the evening, so it will give you something to look forward to and will set your mind right on a positive track!

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