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Let’s be Prescient: Smartphone Addiction is Not Illegitimate

We keep our friends close, but our phones closer. Many American adults sleep with their smartphones. We are constantly connected. It feels as though we are required to be reachable. Teens report that they’re constantly online and the majority of millennials spend almost their entire day plugged in. … Read More

Dialectic Behavioral Therapy | How BOLDFISH ‘Rides The Wave’

The focus of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is to help those who have significant trouble managing their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. BOLDFISH derives its chief mindfulness technique from DBT to short-circuit instant gratification by first becoming aware of our urges and then letting them pass. … Read More

Addictive Tech rules over you attention

The Age of the Attention Economy Fueled by Social Media Addiction

Human attention is a scarce commodity. As content has grown increasingly abundant and immediately available, attention becomes the limiting factor in the consumption of information. … Read More

Everything in Moderation: Cell Phones are Bad for You

Mobile phones are a modern marvel and in many ways the ultimate convenience. However, studies have shown that the light our screens emit are damaging and have lasting consequences on our vision. What price should we pay for this luxury and how do we guard against its toxicity? … Read More

Is Smartphone Addiction a Problem? Am I So Addicted?

Am I addicted to my phone? Yes. The end. No, but seriously, yes we all are. But, our clinical research on phone addiction and the claims behind it are still in their nascent stages. For instance, the claim that phones are “rewiring … Read More