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Fixing Bad-timed Bedtime Behavior

Challenge yourself by spending thirty minutes before bed engaged with a book, instead of mindlessly scrolling through content. … Read More

Eating Out? Play Phone Roulette (a.k.a. The Phone Stack)

The first one to engage with his or her phone loses. … Read More

Summer, spending time outside instead of indoors with smartphone. Stop being addicted. Put your phone down, put your phone away.

When the Livin’ is Easy: 10 Things to Do in the Summer

Check out ten ideas to kick up the summertime fun and antics. Make sure you get yourself some quality deodorant and put on some SPF. … Read More

Dumb Phone Diaries: Part IV

Everyone knows that smartphones are time-savers, but before this challenge I didn’t realize just how much time I was saving. I didn’t realize how easy I had it just a week ago. … Read More

Dumb Phone Diaries: Part III

What does it mean to be connected? Does it describe the complex wiring of our nervous system? Is it a show of full signal bars on your device? Or is it an obligation? After completing my “dumb phone” challenge, I will opt for the third option. … Read More

Dumb phone challenge, part 2. Flip phone and no smartphone.

Dumb Phone Diaries: Part II

Shirley diaries her 7 day-to-day experience without a smartphone. She realizes it wasn’t as hard as she thought, but still had a few revelations. Next, it’s Jason’s turn… … Read More