What is BOLDFISH? | Digital Wellness is NOT Anti-Technology



BOLDFISH is a tech/life balance company whose aim is to create a mindful experience in the digital age.

Just to clear the air, BOLDFISH is not here to have you go cold turkey from tech. In fact, it is an alternative to you blocking, deleting, and foregoing your digital distractions altogether.

We’ve done the research and our technology (and, of course, social media) is built to suck up our attention. If we get too consumed by it, we may end up with an inkling of depression.

With new innovation, sometimes regulators can’t keep up. This means that it is on us to be the arbiters of our own fate. We need to relearn how to use technology so that it doesn’t end up using us.

tech wellness and BOLDFISH

That’s what BOLDFISH is all about. We’re not advocating quitting social media (although our CEO did that) or get rid of your smartphone (although we did that, too) by deleting our accounts, but we are advocating awareness to digital addiction. That’s why we have our guided meditations, our tips and brain-hacks for digital wellness, and our flagship app to help users quiet their in-phone distractions. We are about changing behavior instead of forcing a quick fix.

At BOLDFISH, we want you go online with a purpose–to comment, share, reconnect. We don’t want to stop you from being a part of something bigger. What we do want to curb, however, is the urge to flit among four different apps, three different windows with your TV blaring in the background while never really present for any of them.

At BOLDFISH, we want to help you help yourself.

Let’s take back control.

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