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learn from our one-of-a-kind father-daughter podcast.

The Fundamentals by Rachel Potts powered by BOLDFISH
Soothing Sounds by Sophie powered by BOLDFISH
Tech/Life Balance powered by BOLDFISH
Rainbow Inside Us by Rachel Potts powered by BOLDFISH
Conscious Breathing by Dean Yasuda powered by BOLDFISH
Adventurous Animals: Becoming Your Best Self powered by BOLDFISH
Joyful Mindfulness powered by BOLDFISH
Dad TALKS by Andrew Amundson powered by BOLDFISH
The Practice: guided meditation powered by BOLDFISH
Mystical Magical Meditations by Michele Roberts powered by BOLDFISH

Meet Our Creators

Stephanie Netter

Stephanie has been an enthusiastic learner about Eastern Philosophy and Religions for over 30 years. Her training is in Physical Therapy with a passion for functioning best in our current environment. She is always striving to be mindful in any way and loves starting her day with Buddhist practice, meditation, yoga, and functional training.

Rachel Potts

Rachel has been a teacher of young children for over 20 years. Her own interest in living mindfully lead her to a deep practice of yoga and meditation, which she has lovingly shared with her own two children and students over the years, helping them to cultivate a sense of peace and kindness.

Michele Roberts

Sassy Visionary of Wholeness. Michele is genius at seeing through to what is true – inspiring discovery and transformation. As a life and relationship coach, she brings a powerful clarity to her clients, which opens gateways for expansion of consciousness.

Sophie Pumfrey

Sophie has over 10 years experience helping people to reach their full potential working through the power of meditation. Her gentle, melodic voice effortlessly guides people to reach a place of calm, peace and surrender; her wealth of experience facilitating meditation groups locally and tailor makes sessions for individual clients across the globe.

Sandra Ferreira

Sandra has been teaching yoga for over 20 years. She has over 1000+ hours of training, teaches internationally, has mentored 100+ teachers, and leads her own brand of Aerial Mukti Yoga teacher trainings. Becoming a Mom has propelled her to share personal wellness solutions in easy to understand methods.

Dean Yasuda

Dynamic Circulator of Energy. Dean’s current work as a life and relationship coach allows him to be attuned to energy flow. Learning the art of circulation is his passion and Dean brings whole body vitality to his clients as he opens up channels of energy flow through breath work and movement.

Andrew Amundson

Known by his five-year old daughter as a ‘talky one,’ Andrew has carved a niche demographic for himself as a former stay-at-home dad and divorced Millennial. He believes in civil co-parenting, always conscious of tech/life balance and forbids toy videos from YouTube Kids.