Be Intentional | 10 Tips for Daily Mindfulness


Our CEO, Jason Kingdon, just got certified by the Centre of Excellence in Mindfulness. He completed 150 hours and 11 modules to graduate and receive his diploma with distinction. The course is certified by the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists and, by completing the course, has become a member of the Complementary Medical Association.

Find below 10 tips he’s learned from the program for daily Mindfulness.

1. Do one thing at a time

We want to be in the moment whenever we’re doing whatever and in order to achieve that we must have a laser focus on that one thing and that one thing only.

2. Do slowly and do deliberately.

Definitely easier if we are “in the moment,” acting with purpose and not rushing through things gives our actions meaning and intention.

3. Do less.

This is similar to time management. It may sound great to front-load ourselves only to then have a four day weekend, but this is not healthy. If we overfill our days, we will be neither deliberate nor Mindful. Sometimes we need to let go of tasks we can’t do today in order to do today’s tasks right.

4. Give room to yourself.

Leave room for error in everything that you do. It will relax you to know that you do not have to be perfect all the time. The result will be better performance due to your Mindful and deliberate (and not hasty) approach.

5. Spend a little time doing nothing.

Meditation is one way to find a quiet center, but I suppose that is still doing something. The point is to give yourself some breathing room, where you can find some peace and quiet within yourself for yourself. No planning, eating, texting. Just you with you. (Alternatively, 10 – 15 minutes with your eyes closed with music works nicely, too).

daily mindfulness

6. Be in the moment.

Stop trying to unhappen a future untold and let go of the negatives of the past. Come back into yourself. Feel those feels and then let them flow through you. You will notice that once this happens, your energy will feel calmer.

7. Chill out

When you: eat, walk, do. Another form of being present, slow and deliberate actions allow you to savor the moment fully. You can make any mundane moment (like showering, walking the dog) Mindful if you so choose.

8. Cultivate a sense of empathy.

Walk a metaphorical mile in someone else’s shoes. This is called empathy. In order to understand yourself and your relationships better, understand those around you so that you can deepen your understanding of your environment.

9. Be quick to praise, slow to criticize.

Judging is tough because it is easy to point the finger and relay blame to everyone but oneself. This is not Mindful. We are only responsible for our own lives and our own actions. Do not focus on the faults of others. Let us tend to our own personal growth, instead.

10. Be flexible

Yoga, yes — but, also open-minded. Innately, we want to delineate what goes where and compartmentalize our thoughts into bite-sized pieces of comprehension. Fight that. You will be stronger because of it. This is not to say that we should bottle emotions or fight ourselves, no. We just should question all things lest they become dogma.

For any follow-up questions, thoughts, or concerns, feel free to reach out to him via email: Jason@goboldfish.com

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