About BOLDFISH - unplug with our social media detox app

About Us

Our Mission

As of late, phone and digital addiction has manifested itself in a very real way. The deluge of accessible information has led to overconsumption and correlated mindless consumption. Many already agree passive online browsing is bad -- hurts productivity; incites only short-term brain circuitry; leads to depression, anxiety, and other mental problems. Beginning with social media, BOLDFISH abates this passive consumption. We increase personal awareness of social media usage by putting in a 9-second* time delay between the user and temptation. We take back control from addictive tech by training ourselves to actively decide when to use, and why. Ultimately, we strive for a long term solution to unhealthy, mental unrest through simple product design. *purportedly the attention span of a goldfish

About the App

BOLDFISH is a mobile app that acts as a buffer between the user and digital addiction. The app limits access to various social media platforms in order to promote digital wellness. BOLDFISH prevents you from connecting with “the big four” -- Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. BOLDFISH fosters conscientious behavior by implementing a nine second delay when the user wants to access the blocked platforms. The time delay short circuits the urge for instant gratification, allowing a reflective period for the user to understand the intention behind his/her desire to access the platforms. Rather than forcing a quick fix, BOLDFISH champions digital wellness through self-awareness and which is the first step towards behavioral change.

Our Team

Jason M. Kingdon

Chief Executive Officer
Jason is a graduate from Columbia University. Prior to working on BOLDFISH, he was at Sinovation Ventures, an early-stage VC firm in Beijing. During his time at Sinovation, he worked closely with the Investment Director to analyze and assess potential investment opportunities.

Shirley Siu

Chief Operations Officer
Shirley graduated from Barnard College. Prior to joining BOLDFISH, she worked at a YC startup in the HR tech industry. She joined as an account executive before moving into an account management role. She worked closely with her clients and was also the main liaison between them and the product / engineering team.

Rayen Kamta

Chief Technical Officer
Rayen graduated from New Jersey City University. Prior to joining BOLDFISH, he worked with many startups and lead them into maturity as a full-stack mobile application developer.